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Join the Bethany Land Trust and become a part of preserving the natural history of Bethany! The Bethany Land Trust, Inc, formerly known as the Bethany Conservation Trust, Inc. is a private, charitable, non-profit corporation dedicated to serving Bethany through the conservation of land. Established in 1968, the Trust was formed to preserve land in its natural state for conservation, education and recreational purposes. The Trust preserves critical parcels of land through outright ownership and through conservation restrictions. These protect the land against future development and thereby preserve natural habitats, scenic areas and recreational trails. conservation land managed by the Bethany Land Trust will be preserved in perpetuity. Trust lands are preserved in their natural state and wherever possible, open to the public for hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and nature study. Also, we hold scenic conservation and recreational trail easements. Land owners and developers are encouraged to work with the Trust in the preservation of open space with conservation, historic, scenic or recreational value. We are particularly interest in acquiring and protecting land which will form connecting areas or corridors, called Greenways. Your membership and support are needed. Only with your help can the Trust continue and expand its activities. All memberships and contributions are tax deductible. !

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Additionally, you may make donations to our Land Acquisition Fund or the General Fund.
All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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